Multiple Postdoctoral Associate Positions Available at the Xiao Lab

The Xiao Lab focuses on characterizing unique cellular and molecular features of pluripotent stem cells (PSCs) and the underlying epigenetic mechanisms (Dan et al., Developmental cell 29, 7-19, 2014; Wu et al. Cell stem cell 15, 281-294, 2014). Our ongoing research encompasses two areas: (1) novel functions of endogenous retrotransposon in regulating the nuclear structure, metabolisms of PSCs;  (2) detecting and investigating rare DNA and RNA modifications in PSCs.

General requirements:

  • Well-trained in molecular biology as demonstrated by a solid publication record. 
  • Abilities to lead an independent research direction while adapting to a collaborative environment. 
  • An innovative yet critical thinker.

Candidates with following research experiences are highly encouraged to apply:

  • Nuclear cell biology and super-resolution imaging 
  • Epigenetics and chromatin biology 
  • Biochemistry of histone, DNA and RNA modification enzymes 
  • Mitochondria and Metabolism 
  • Manipulation of pre-implantation embryos 
  • Human and primate ESCs and/or iPSCs