Members of the Yale Stem Cell Center represent an interdepartmental group of basic scientists and physician-scientists. Benefits of membership in the YSSC include priority access to the YSCC core facilities at a discounted rate, invitations to intellectually stimulating activities such as the stem cell research forum, stem cell seminar series, various stem cell joint lab meetings, and annual stem cell retreats. Moreover, you will receive assistance with applications for funding opportunities from the State of Connecticut. Last but not least, the YSCC will publish your profile and work on our website and annual report, which will help to publicize your research.

Members are expected to participate in programmatic activities such as new faculty recruitment, and may be asked to contribute to fundraising, training grant application, stem cell-related teaching, and responding to inquiries from the media, when opportunities arise. In addition, members are required to submit a one-page annual research summary to the Center to share their latest published discoveries with the research community. YSCC membership will be reviewed every three years with regard to the member's research interests and participation in the above activities.

Membership Criteria

Membership is reserved for full-time Yale ladder track faculty members who conduct fundamental, translational, clinical, and/or ethics research on stem cells. If you would like to participate in building the future of stem cell research at Yale by becoming a Member of the YSCC, please complete the Application for Membership or contact Alison Bonds.