The Yale Stem Cell Center (YSCC) is directed by Dr. Haifan Lin and its participants consist of a highly interactive interdepartmental group of basic scientists and physician scientists. The YSCC provides physical space, organizational infrastructure, shared facilities, exciting new faculty recruits, and educational enrichment programs to create an optimal environment for developing new insights into the molecular and cellular biology stem cells and their committed multilineage progenitors, with a view to ultimately make discoveries that can be applied to clinical medicine.

The YSCC unites and enhances efforts of already eminent faculty on campus with other faculty throughout the state of Connecticut who do related work. We are also recruiting talented senior and junior faculty to Yale with expertise in the basic science of stem cells, as well as translational research focused on organ-specific stem cells such as neural, hematopoietic, endodermal (pancreatic/islet cell), and cancer stem cells. The YSCC provides core laboratory space and facilities for research on stem cells at Yale and throughout Connecticut.


Haifan Lin, PhD

Associate Director
Diane Krause, MD, PhD

Administrative Staff

Operations Manager
Alison Bonds

Sr. Administrative Assistant
Madeline Riccio

Sr. Administrative Assistant
Patricia Sember